I've come to perceive many of life’s ills as a form of oppression.
In whatever form it enters our lives, whether it be interpersonal conflict, repetitive relationship patterns we unconsciously act out, childhood trauma that interferes in the endeavors of adult life, losses incurred via substance abuse, economic upheaval, health issues and aging, along with the existential questions that attend each life changing event – these are all problems, which are accompanied by solutions. There is a way out from under the oppression of doubts, losses, trauma, and hardships.
Discovering solutions are how I can help you. The process may be time-limited or ongoing. Discovery and uncovering is a collaborative effort, but it is you who will do the work of change once these solutions are revealed.
My role then is to guide, query, provide tools, and sometimes challenge you.


I love my work! As a 12-year old reading the want ads I was keen on the social aspect of "social work."      

I love my work! As a 12-year old reading the want ads I was keen on the social aspect of "social work."  


It is often said that engaging in psychotherapy is hard work. In fact, many who engage in psychotherapy often refer to it as doing The Work

WORK is an english word filled with a sense of drudgery, and it need not be. "Work" means only to perform mental and/or physical activity or effort in order to achieve a purpose or a result. We go to the gym, learn to play an instrument, learn a second language, give birth to a child or a dream, all of which require a certain effort, and some sort of regular activity.  Engaging in psychotherapy can be one of the most courageous, most challenging, and most rewarding experiences of your life. I am grateful I get to witness folks willing to put forth the effort toward change

I work with individuals, couples, families and groups

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